My Top 10 TV Shows of All Time – No. 6: Twin Peaks

To celebrate the return of Jack Bauer kicking ass in the newest season of 24 I decided to do my first list/countdown for this blog. Every day starting from No. 10 I’ll count down my top 10 shows of all time. Now this is my list, and believe me I know people will disagree with it, but I’ll try and justify my choices with a spoiler free summary of my thoughts and feelings.

6. Twin Peaks

1990-1991, 2 Seasons, ABC, Created by Mark Frost & David Lynch

One night a few years ago during the baseball offseason I was faced with nothing to watch. Turning on my Xbox and loading up Netflix I slowly surfed through the movie and TV options hoping to find something that caught my eye when a TV show I had heard mentioned many times scrolled into view. Intrigued but still not sure, I put out a tweet asking if anyone could recommend Twin Peaks to me. Thankfully I got an answer from my good friend Lisa (@mochachick8) and my TV viewing changed forever.

Twin Peaks was a cultural phenomenon when it aired in the early 90’s, one that has still permeated to this day. My first experience of it was one of those VH1 I love the 90’s shows which had a segment dedicated to it, being in my mid teens and too young at the time to really appreciate it I merely filed away the information. The show opens with the finding of the corpse of teen Laura Palmer, a seemingly Golden Girl of the Washington State town of Twin Peaks, further investigation by an FBI Agent named Dale Cooper (played by the ever awesome Kyle MachLachlan) reveals that not only does Palmer have many secrets, but the town does too. The show takes on a mystical, paranormal feel whilst deftly balancing the drama of the lives of the town folks in ways only co-creator David Lynch can do successfully. Both he and Mark Frost created a fully living, breathing town that fills the audience with wonder, amusement and at times downright fear.

I really don’t want to get too deep into the story for fear of eking out even the smallest spoiler that could ruin a newcomers experience (something that Lisa made sure didn’t happen as she patiently waited for me to make my way though the seasons) all I can do is really emphasize just how much of an experience Twin Peaks is and to this day still holds up. So many shows that came after hold a true debt to what Lynch and Frost let loose onto this world, and it’s one of the saddest moments in television that the show was cancelled. A movie, Fire Walk With Me, was released by Lynch a few years after the show ended which serves as a prequel and should definitely not be seen before you’ve watched the 30 episodes of the series.

Twin Peaks is an eclectic mix of Film Noir, Paranormal Horror, Thriller and Soap that, bar the middle of season 2, just fits together perfectly. As soon as I finished my first viewing I just wanted to find as much information about the show as possible. With renewed interest stoking the talk of a return and the Show getting a lavish Blu Ray treatment this year, 2014 is a perfect time for you to visit Twin Peaks, just beware of the Owls, they are not what they seem…

The following clip is the least spoiler filled one I could find and is likely what most people think of when they hear someone mention Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks on Amazon


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