Yogi & D-Day

The Yankees as a franchise have often performed what we call ‘sporting heroics’ but I think we can all agree that the real heroes are those that lay down their lives to protect this country and the freedoms of the world. 70 years ago today Allied forces embarked on the largest invasion in history, landing on the beaches of Normandy by sea and in the surrounding countryside by air, the Allies invaded Hitlers ‘Fortress Europa’ & started the downfall of the Nazi control of Europe.

Many, many brave young men were involved in this great undertaking, one of these was a gunner’s mate serving on the USS Bayfield who just two years earlier had signed with the New York Yankees for a $500 bonus. His name was Yogi Berra and he would go on to be one of the legends of the greatest sport in the world.

Yogi in the Navy

Yogi in the Navy (Far Right)

Many men of the national pastime served during wartime, as did those from other sports and the entertainment industry. We are all grateful to every man and women in all factors of life who helped and continue to help keep the US safe from the horrors of this world.


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