New Format for the Gillette Home Run Derby


The 2014 Gillette Home Run Derby features a whole new format based around a bracket system. 10 players, 5 from both leagues, compete in the 1st round of action where they have 7 outs to try and advance to the next level. The player who hits the most HR’s in each league gets to sit out the 2nd round whilst those ranked 2nd & 3rd duel it out. Then the winner of that round plays the top seed and then the final pits the two top seeds of the derby from each league against each other.

Monday, MLB announced Jose Bautista will captain the AL team and Troy Tulowitzki will helm the NL team. Each captain gets to chose 4 other teammates to participate. Fans can also vote for up to 3 players they would like to see at, these votes will be noted by each captain and used in their selecting of their teammates.

The HR Derby takes place on Monday July 14th at Target Field on ESPN.

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Sounds much more exciting! Lots of incentive to win that first round and sit out the second and rest! Can’t wait.

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