My Rob Thomson Game Used Collection


It’s known by my friends & family that among my Game Used Collection there’s another collection inside, that of Yankees 3B Coach Rob Thomson. Whilst many may find it strange to collect a coach, my reasons are that a 3B coach is very visible through out the game. Whether it be on the field or on the bench, Rob Thomson’s presence can be noted and this makes it easy to authenticate items. The following is my complete collection of Rob Thomson used items I own accompanied with a brief explanation as to why I bought them. All Game Used memorabilia has Steiner certification and most with the MLB Authentication Hologram.

2008 Road Jersey (Used up till May 17th vs the Mets)


My first Rob Thomson item I ever purchased, by 2008 I was well into my Game Used Yankees collection but had yet to settle on one specific player. In the Spring of 08 I attended the Yankees series at US Cellular Field with my Mom and often saw Rob Thomson walking around wearing this jersey, little knowing I would one day own it. Later on in the summer I was given the opportunity to purchase this jersey and I leapt at the chance, my Robbie collection was born.

2009 Road Jersey (Used in Road Games till April 22nd) 


2009 was an exciting year for Yankee fans, we had a new stadium, some incredible pick ups in the offseason and after the very bitter ending to 2008 a sense of hope that 09 was the year we made it 27 championships. In the offseason I had picked up the challenge of collecting Utility man Wilson Betemit’s entire uniform from the last game of the season (a feat I achieved) and plunking a cool $1500 on Mike Mussina’s complete uniform that he wore when he got his 2500th career Strikeout but with the start of a historic season, I wanted a piece of that history and felt like collecting through Rob Thomson would achieve it. This Road Jersey was worn though out the opening weeks of the season which the Yankees started on the road. Whilst not the most impressive start in the franchises history it laid the foundation for what would become an amazing year.

2009 Home Jersey (Used on Opening Day, April 16th)


Opening Day at the new Yankee Stadium on April 16th was wonderful except the final score. Whilst the Indians pummeled the Yankees ace CC Sabathia many fans still rejoiced at the opening of the new cathedral. Rob Thomson wore this jersey through out the whole game and there is nothing quite like seeing photos of him at that game and knowing you own that very jersey.

2009 Light Home Jacket (Used into Playoffs)


I always wanted a modern game used jacket (I have an old starter one from the pen, it still included a piece of bazooka joe that it’s owner Brian Bruney, had left in the pocket) and I love this item. The Yankees logo proudly displayed on the arm and Yankees written across the chest is a thing of beauty. Having being used into the playoffs is a wonderful bonus too.

09 World Series Locker Room Nameplate 


As soon as Steiner’s let me know this existed I had to own it. Wonderful memories and a really cool looking piece of memorabilia.

2010 Spring Training Home Cap (Cool Base) 


My first Rob Thomson cap, this thing is pretty darn well used (as you can see from the images above, yes that is sweat stains on the bill) and I really liked the design of these lids.

2010 Road Jersey (Opening Day at Fenway April 4th) 


2010 started with Yankee fans basking in the glory of being the defending World Champions, and all though the first game of the season was a loss at Fenway it wouldn’t dampen our sprits. This jersey was also the first time the Yankees went with the new team tailored MLB logo on the rear of the jersey, swapping the red white and blue for gray white and blue.

2010 Home Jersey (Opening Day April 13th) 


The Yankees would defeat the Angels 7-5 on their first Opening Day win at the new house and Jeter hit a HR, passing Rob Thomson and this very jersey as cameras followed him running the bases.

2010 Equipment Bag


When Steiner’s notified me of the 2010 Rob Thomson items they had just received, this equipment bag immediately sparked my interest. Always on the lookout for ‘different’ items, I thought this was a really cool example of day to day life in the bigs. Nothing was inside the bag bar a lot of base path dirt.

2012 Postseason Used Cap


I’m a sucker for patches and when MLB started putting the Postseason logos on their caps during the WC, LDS & LCS I needed to own one. Unfortunately at time of writing this was the last time Rob Thomson and the Yankees were in the postseason, hopefully 2014 will give me another logo’d cap to purchase.


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