Luckiest Man – The Life And Death of Lou Gehrig

Luckiest Man – The Life And Death of Lou Gehrig – Jonathan Eig


2130 games, Iron Man, Murderers Row, the Speech, the disease and a life taken too soon. These are the thoughts that most people have when they think of Lou Gehrig but Jonathan Eigs wonderful book delves deep not just into the mythos that this man, who accomplished incredible feats in a career that was cut brutally short, is known for but into the personal life of a sincere, caring, sometimes insecure but always loving husband and son. You’ll find out facts about Gehrig, his relationship with his teammates (he fell out with Ruth after the Babe was rumored to have had an affair with Gehrigs wife) his struggles in his early life and just how he coped in his final years that give you such a deep understanding and compassion for this Yankee great. On this day where we remember a dying man making one of the most iconic speeches in American history, this book is worth purchasing.

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