My Yankees Postseason Game Used Collection

With Game 1 of the 2014 World Series starting tonight, I thought this would be a perfect time to write about the postseason items I have in my collection. Though not the biggest area of my collection, certainly most of the items are from the 2009 season, I am proud of what I have gathered together and think they provide an eclectic mix of items. All Game Used Clothing and Equipment is Steiner and MLB Authenticated.


Doug Mientkiewicz 2007 Road Jersey – Worn From 05/11 to 10/5 (Game 2 of the ALDS @ Cleveland)

IMG_1143 IMG_1144

The first of two items I own from the infamous 2007 ALDS against Cleveland, this jersey was actually on the field during the bottom of the 8th when Joba was swarmed by bugs. The 10 patch on the left sleeve is in remembrance of Phil ‘Scooter’ Rizzuto who passed during the season and the black armband is in remembrance of Cory Lidle whose plane crashed in NYC earlier the year.

Luis Vizcaino 2007  Cap – Worn Through to Game 4 of the ALDS @ Cleveland

IMG_1089 IMG_1094

Vizcaino would enter the ‘bug game’ in the bottom of the 11th and would allow a Travis Hafner Walkoff RBI single to lose the game. This cap is one of the most filthiest in my collection (as can be seen in the underside photo) with even the logo covered in dirt (though not as clear in the left photo) it’s also the only sticky clothing item I own, guessing to the tacky rosin applied to the brim.

Melky Cabrera 2009 Playoff Hoodie – Used Throughout 2009 Playoffs


IMG_1157 IMG_1158


Melky wore this (very comfortable!) hoodie mainly in the New York games of the DS and CS of 09. Interestingly the sleeves have been cut off (not by the manufacture) presumably when in LA.

Rob Thomson 2009 Locker Nameplate – 2009 World Series


Mentioned before in my Rob Thomson collection post, this is a very cool display piece and an awesome World Series item.

Mike Harkey 2009 Road Jersey – 2009 World Series (Games 3-5)

IMG_2004 IMG_2003 IMG_0385

My favorite postseason item, and one of my favorites of the whole collection, is this Game Used World Series jersey. All WS items became very hard to find after the 09 fall classic was over with players keeping their items and others snapped up as soon as the Stadium’s lights dimmed. Harkey was a recognizable fixture in the bullpen as coach, his towering frame is represented well by the huge jersey. I love patches and to have the World Series patch (a thing of beauty) on a Game Used jersey thrills me each time I see it.

Rob Thomson 2012 Cap – 2012 Postseason

IMG_0518 IMG_0520

Again as seen before in the Rob Thomson collection post, another postseason item of his. This remains the last time the Yankees have made the playoffs, hopefully 2015 will be the year the Bronx Bombers return.


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