8 DVD’s A Yankees Fan Might Like For The Holidays

Tis the season for joy and merriment and why not spread some of that by giving them (or subtly hinting you want one of these) great DVD’s for Yankee fans!

The New York Yankees 1977 World Series Collectors Edition


$19.99 Amazon.com

Containing Game 5 of the 1977 ALCS vs KC and the complete 6 game Fall Classic vs the Dodgers that brought the trophy back home to the Bronx well after a decade of drought this 7 Disc set contains 7 great games from the polyester Yankees era. The A/V isn’t the greatest, as to be expected from 37 year old TV broadcasts, but this is a great way to relive the heroics of Thurm, Reggie, Sparky, Bucky etc. Now if only they would release the 1978 World Series…

New York Yankees: Essential Games of Yankee Stadium


$34.99 MLB.com Shop

Originally released to coincide with the closing of the old house, this 6 game set houses 6 different games held at the Stadium. These games include the 76 ALCS Game 5 vs KC, 77 WS Game 6 vs LAD, 95 ALDS Game 2 vs Seattle, 96 WS Game 6 vs Atlanta, 01 WS Game 4 vs Arizona and Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS vs Boston. Like most sets this one contains games available in other collections (notably 77, 96, 01 and 03) but the three games exclusive to this DVD are a must own.

The New York Yankees Fall Classic Collectors Edition (96-01)


$22.00 Amazon.com

One of the earliest Yankees sets to be released, this 5 disc set (originally 7 including 2 discs of extras) contains one game from each Yankees WS appearance, they are 96 Game 4 @ Atlanta, 98 Game 3 @ San Diego, 99 Game 3 vs Atlanta, 2000 Game 5 @ Mets and 01 Game 4 vs Arizona. The 2000 and 2001 games are available in other sets (although the 01 game contains God Bless America in the 7th inning stretch that others do not) but this is a great chance to relive the (arguably) best games from the latest Yankees dynasty.

New York Yankees Perfect Games and No Hitters


$27.08 Amazon.com

6 discs of perfection and no nos, this collection contains 6 intense games of scoreboard goose eggs at Yankee Stadium. Included are Larsen’s Perfect Game from the 56 WS, Righetti’s No Hitter on a Hot 4th of July in 1983, Jim Abbott’s display of incredible grit and fortitude in 1993, Doc Goodens no no in 96 and Boomer Wells and David Cone’s 98 and 99 Perfectos. This set is the only one that contains regular season games (though with not so regular outcomes) so it’s a great way to relive pennant chases and broadcasts from your youth. Most come with the Radio Play by Play as a separate Audio Option also.

New York Yankees 2000 World Series Collection 


 $22.01 Amazon.com 

Containing every game of the 2000 Fall Classic, this 5 Game Set brings the first World Series subway classic in years to home video. From iconic Jeter heroics to a nail biting final out at Shea this is a great set to relive the 26th World Championship for the Yankees, not so much for Mets fans… or Al Leiter.

The New York Yankees 2009 World Series Collectors Edition



$29.96 Amazon.com

This 8 DVD set includes all 6 World Series Games vs the Phillies and Game 6 of the ALCS vs the Angels with an extra disc for bonus materials. The Yankees 27th (And as to date latest) WS title, the 09 Fall Classic had it all, great pitching, incredible base running and clutch offense. Included on this disc is pre and post game shows from MLB Network for each WS game (a nice touch) plus a multitude of alternate radio options.

2009 New York Yankees: The Official World Series Film


$10.00 Amazon.com (Available on Blu Ray also) 

If you don’t want to relive/experience every pitch of the 09 World Series, the official film does an excellent job of setting the journey to the Fall Classic and breaking down everything that happened in the 6 game series. Including some great player interviews, this is a great watch.

Baseballs Greatest Games: Derek Jeter’s 3000th Hit Game


$7.74 Amazon.com 

Jeter’s 3000 hit game was a perfect day with incredible feats that still boggle the mind, this DVD set brings you the full YES Network broadcast along with the original WCBS Radio play by play on an alternate audio channel.


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